Apex Engineering offers cost-effective solutions in the smoke ventilation & extraction industry. Leading manufacturer and installer of SHEVS.

We offer cost-effective solutions within the smoke ventilation fan, roof smoke ventilators, mechanical smoke ventilation systems and smoke extraction solutions industry. We provide our valued customers with high-quality products & a comprehensive support system.

Apex Engineering, we like to stay ahead of innovation in our industry.

The engineering, construction, and infrastructure industry are evolving rapidly with the increased demand to construct, operate and maintain assets faster, at lower cost and risk, and of a higher quality.

mechanical smoke ventilation systems

Natural and Mechanical Smoke Ventilation Systems offered by Apex Engineering South Africa.

Mechanical Smoke Extraction

Horizontal Discharge

Primary application of mechanical extraction fans is smoke control in the building industry. Fans can be utilized for mechanical day-to-day ventilation. 

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Multifunction roof Ventilators

Horizontal Smoke Extraction

Natural day-to-day ventilation Natural smoke exhaust in case of a fire. No Fan power consumption required. Compliance with EN12101-2. CE Certified

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Smoke Ventilation Solutions

SODECA provides smoke ventilation systems suitable for all types of applications. We adapt to your needs and comply with all the applicable legal provisions. Select the desired category to see the solutions we can offer you.

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Mechanical Smoke Extraction

Vertical Smoke Extraction

Primary application of mechanical extraction fans is smoke control in the building industry. Fans can be utilized for mechanical day-to-day ventilation with multifuction vents.

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Multifunction Vents

Vertical Mounted Ventilators

The Multifunctional wall-mounted ventilator offers natural day-to-day ventilation. Natural smoke ventilation in case of fire, and no requirement for for fans. 

tabak wall ventilator

Coopers Fire and Smoke Curtains

Coopers Fire offer an unparalleled range of vertical and horizontal fire and smoke curtain barriers. Coopers Fire are the original patentees of electromechanical fail safe system. 

smoke ventilation and extraction Solutions Apex offers

Apex Engineering is a Supply & Install company that provides the following smoke ventilation & extraction systems.

Mechanical Smoke Ventilation Systems

Car Park Ventilation, Smoke Extraction, and Smoke Control/Clearance systems.

Smoke and Fire Smoke Extraction

Forced smoke extraction by means of smoke exhaust fans and ducting.

Roof Smoke Ventilators

Natural smoke ventilation by means of Certified roof and vertical ventilators.

Smoke and Fire Curtains

Smoke and Fire Curtains, produced by certified manufacturers.

  • To remove Exhaust smoke and heat
  • To contain smoke by maintaining buoyancy and stopping lateral travel by means of barriers and baffles.
  • To attain a smoke free zone by ventilation and allowing for make-up air into areas where ventilation is being done.
  • To assist with the immediate evacuation of a building.
  • To allow the source of the fire to be pin-pointed.
  • To help avoid flashover by extracting products of combustion and making sure that smoke does not get entrained back into the fire.
  • To allow immediate fire fighting.
  • Contributes to the reduction in damage to property.
  • Any building with a floor area of over 500 m2 must be provided with smoke ventilation, this can be done with open-able windows, panels or other openings (Roof ventilators i.e. Ridge ventilators, Slope ventilators or Louvred ventilators).
  • The ventilator equipment must be located on the roof or in the upper third of the wall of the building.
  • The openings must be equal to 3% of the floor area or in the case of a D2 or D3 classification (Moderate Risk and Light Risk Industrial) be equal to 1.5 % of the floor area.
  • Any building above 2500 m2 fitted with a sprinkler system cannot be equipped with smoke ventilation equipment that works with a fusible link. (New SANS 10400 regulations).
  • Larger and more complex buildings will require most of the time that a rational design be carried out.
  • A rational design takes into consideration a lot of factors from; the materials in the building, the potential fire size, escape times, clear layers for escape of the occupants of the building etc.
  • Rational designs will 9 out of 10 times be carried out by a Fire Engineer or a Mechanical Engineer.
  • Apex Engineering can facilitate rational designs with professionals.

Apex Engineering smoke ventilation solutions

Ensure fire, smoke, and safety issues don't arise with Apex Engineering.